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We are making a difference by introducing our application that is made to support and encourage children from all economic backgrounds to pursue their education with the best tutoring.

Prana Talent Academy

We consider any learning at PTA as Skill development. You name any course to learn and we got you covered. All our courses are beautifully designed for easy understanding.

Visual Learning

With the help of graphics design technology, the study material provided will be made fully interactive for the students. This will be deeply rooted in the syllabus chosen by each student.


As times and lifestyles are changing, we need to give special attention to the education of our children. Their future should be empowered with the help of parents, teachers and society as a whole.

Digitalization is bringing a positive difference in the educational sector, globally. The classic tuition system is now being taken over by effective learning applications. This gives a personalized, visually rich learning experience to the students.

We are stepping up from the existing learning applications and introducing a new educational application. A combination of virtual reality and augmented reality to lead our kids into the future of digital learning.

Insight Tuitions

10th Std.

  • Recorded Videos
  • One on One Live classes
  • Group Chat
  • Discussion Forums
  • My Notebook
  • Interactive Q n A

Insight Tuitions

+1 & +2

  • Recorded Videos
  • One on One Live classes
  • Group Chat
  • Discussion Forums
  • My Notebook
  • Interactive Q n A


Talent Academy

  • Large collection of Courses
  • Easy Access
  • Interactive Content
  • Affordable Prices
  • Interesting Packages

Quality tuition support for students from all syllabi and mediums

Efficient and experienced tutors

Our teachers are all proficient in their subjects and have years of experience in the profession.

Tuition helpline

Our tuition helpline is a forum for teachers and subject experts to clear the doubts of students.


Students would find explanations in their mother tongue or local language more appropriate for understanding.


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Prana Insight Private Limited brings to the world, the largest virtual academy for skill development. Prana Talent Academy is the space for experts to share their knowledge in any field of learning and learners get to invest in their growth.

About Us

Opening new paths for growth

'To spread The life-giving breath of knowledge and learning’, Prana Insight is founded on this great aim. By opening a portal of knowledge for people of all ages and from all strata of society we are proclaiming the importance of education and skill development to the world.

With the support of digitalization and networking, the source of learning becomes accessible for everyone. Educators, tutors and other skill trainers are presented with a wider scope of growth through Prana Insight.

Join us and Discover newer orbits of success.

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